Management approach disclosures: Product Responsibility

Customer health and safety

Customer health and safety is a critical aspect of the group’s products, services and customer solutions. In representing leading global brands, our customer solutions are backed by warranties, guarantees and product responsibility, and design features.

All new vehicles, plant and equipment have comprehensive service and maintenance regimes which are time or use based. These include the inspection, and renewal if necessary, of critical safety items.

Rental plant and equipment is subject to similar assessment and service disciplines. Car rental fleets have vehicles less than 12 months old with the most recent technology and safety features per category.

In many instances vehicles, plant and equipment have self-diagnostic technology and capability which run throughout their life. In some cases this is coupled to telemetry devices that transmit ‘real-time’ diagnostic information.

It is also common practice that vehicles, plant and equipment are sold with maintenance programmes that ensure regular inspection and service.

Tyres, brakes and other identified safety aspects are subject to entrenched assessment systems, OEMs’ service requirements, service-plan schedules, and self-diagnostic capabilities in vehicles, plant and equipment. General health and safety aspects are continually included in the design and manufacture of vehicles, plant and equipment as are features that ensure operator or driver comfort.

Product and service labelling

The group is committed to ensuring that all products sold have the certification, labelling, product and service information required by law.

Appropriate handover procedures for all products ensure customer knowledge about health and safety operating procedures and service requirements. Original Equipment Manufacturers’ recommended inspection, maintenance and safety system upgrades and training programmes are explained and promoted to ensure customer health and safety.

Marketing communications

Group standards ensure that all marketing and advertising conforms to applicable laws. The standards and corporate identities set by principals are adhered to. These are detailed and comprehensively monitored by Barloworld divisional operations and their principals. Any local adaptations require prior consent from principals. We are also guided by the standards set by industry bodies such as the Advertising Standards Authority who have self-regulation codes of practice that ensure appropriate conduct in advertising and marketing communications.

Customer databases and related communications are decentralised into the operations and independently run at a business unit and regional level.

Customer privacy

Customer privacy is respected. The group is currently in the process of implementing appropriate processes and procedures in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act which is due to be implemented in South Africa. It is also covered in our worldwide code of conduct.


Together with its principals, Barloworld is committed to ensuring that all products and services provided by the group comply with the applicable legislation and regulation within the region of activity.