Customer health and safety: PR1 - PR2

  • PR1 Life-cycle stages in which health and safety impacts of products and services are assessed for improvement, and percentage of significant products and services categories subject to such procedures.

    Integrated Report:

    Barloworld is responsible for its products and customer solutions. It also has a duty to faithfully represent principals and serve its customers responsibly and support internal and national environmental, empowerment and community objectives. This is included in our Worldwide Code of Conduct under our value of Sustainability: ‘We protect the health and safety of others and ourselves. We are committed to providing our customers with products and services that are safe and reliable.

    Customer health and safety is a critical aspect of all products, services and customer solutions. In representing leading global brands, our customer solutions are backed by warranties, guarantees and product responsibility, and design features.

    All new vehicles, plant and equipment have comprehensive service and maintenance regimes which are time or use-based. These include the inspection, and renewal if necessary, of critical safety items. In many instances vehicles, plant and equipment have self-diagnostic technology and capabilities which run throughout their life. In some cases this is coupled to telemetry devices that transmit ‘real-time’ diagnostic information so that the performance of equipment can be monitored accordingly.

    It is also common practice that vehicles, plant and equipment are sold with maintenance programmes that ensure regular inspection and service.

    Rental plant and equipment is subject to similar assessments and service disciplines and devices. Car rental fleets generally use vehicles under 12 months old with the latest technology and safety features per category.

    Tyres, brakes, load testing and other identified safety aspects are subject to entrenched assessment systems, Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEMs) service requirements, service-plan schedules, and self-diagnostic capabilities in vehicles, plant and equipment. General health and safety aspects are included in the design and manufacture of vehicles, plant and equipment as are features to ensure operator or driver comfort.

    An example of our principals’ commitment to safety is Caterpillar’s launch of SAFETY.CAT.COMTM, one of the most comprehensive safety sites for the industries Caterpillar serves. The website builds on Caterpillar’s commitment to providing its customers with the safest and most reliable products available, and reinforces safety messages found in the company’s Operation and Maintenance Manuals.

    Most Caterpillar equipment within our South African Equipment operations are equipped with optional data tracking and communication devices (Product Link) which are now supported by the Barloworld Condition Monitoring Bureau allowing for real-time monitoring of vehicle status, service and maintenance requirements.

    Operator and driver training is provided where required and/or requested and can include both practical, classroom and simulator training in regions where such facilities exist.

    Appropriate handover procedures for all products ensure customer knowledge, including health and safety operating procedures and service requirements. OEM recommended inspection and safety checks, maintenance and safety system upgrades and training programmes are explained and promoted to ensure customer health and safety.

    In our Logistics operations, vehicles undergo annual load testing to ensure compliance with local legislation.

  • PR2 Total number of incidents of non-compliance with regulations and voluntary codes concerning health and safety impacts of products and services during their life cycle, by type of outcomes.

    Integrated Report:

    There were no material incidents of non-compliance during the year. Drawbar retaining pin safety brackets were fitted through a supplier rectification program that affected some 216 tractors.

    We are aware of the well-publicised Volkswagen and Audi emission issues affecting customers internationally. We recognise the associated risks and are engaging with our principal. The Volkswagen and Audi vehicles sold by us in our territories meet local emissions compliance standards, and our operations have consequently not been directly impacted. We regret any anxiety or uncertainty our customers, or any other stakeholders, may have experienced because of this matter.