Statement by the board of directors

Statement by the board of directors

The board of directors acknowledges its responsibilities to ensure the integrity of the integrated report. The board believes the report addresses all material issues and presents fairly the integrated performance of the group. The integrated report has been prepared in line with best practice set out in the King III code.

Signed by

Dumisa Ntsebeza
Clive Thomson
Don Wilson
Chief executive
Finance director

13 November 2015

Who have been duly authorised by the board


Non-executive: DB Ntsebeza (Chairman), NP Dongwana, FNO Edozien*, AGK Hamilton**, A Landia***, SS Mkhabela, B Ngonyama, SS Ntsaluba, SB Pfeiffer**** OI Shongwe

Executive: CB Thomson (Chief executive), DG Wilson (Group finance director), PJ Blackbeard, PJ Bulterman, M Laubscher, DM Sewela
*(Nigerian) **(British) ***(German) ****(American)


LP Manaka