Group profile and where we operate

Group profile and where we operate

About 76% of our 19 745 employees work in South Africa, 12% in other parts of Africa, and 11% in Russia and Europe, with 1% in the Middle East and North America.

Barloworld distributes leading international brands that provide integrated rental, fleet management, product support and logistics solutions.

The core divisions of the group comprise Equipment and Handling (earthmoving, power systems, materials handling and agriculture), Automotive and Logistics (car rental, motor retail, fleet services, used vehicles and disposal solutions, logistics management and supply chain optimisation).

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Barloworld global map
  • Barloworld Equipment is the official dealer for the Caterpillar construction, mining and power systems machine and engine range in 11 southern African countries, in addition to Spain, Portugal, Siberia and the Russian Far East.

  • The Barloworld Handling division distributes a number of global brands and provides equipment, technology enabled solutions and services to the agricultural mechanisation, materials handling, earth moving, crushing and screening industries through its three business units in southern Africa.

  • Barloworld Automotive comprises of the following world-class business units: Car Rental, Avis Fleet, Motor Retail and Digital Disposal Solutions.

  • Barloworld Logistics has grown into a significant supply chain solutions business in southern Africa with complementary operations in the Middle East.

  • 44%

    Revenue contribution to group

    Andorra • Angola • Botswana • Cape Verde • China • Democratic Republic of the Congo • Lesotho • Malawi • Mozambique • Namibia • Portugal • Russia • Sao Tome and Principe • South Africa • Spain • Swaziland • United Kingdom • Zambia • Zimbabwe

  • 3%

    Revenue contribution to group

    Angola • Botswana • Lesotho • Malawi • Mozambique • Namibia • South Africa • Swaziland • Zambia • Zimbabwe

  • 46%

    Revenue contribution to group

    Botswana • Ghana • Lesotho • Mozambique • Namibia • South Africa • Swaziland • Tanzania • Zambia

  • 7%

    Revenue contribution to group

    Botswana • Kenya • Namibia • South Africa • Swaziland • United Arab Emirates • Zambia • Zimbabwe