Barloworld has a robust, systematic and structured strategic planning process through which the key determinants of value creation are identified, prioritised and targets set against them. These key determinants are the strategic focus areas (SFAs) that have a material impact on value creation for each of our identified stakeholder groups. The SFAs therefore form the overarching strategic framework and context for the material themes that are expanded on in the report. The Barloworld approach to determining and prioritising the report content is an ongoing process throughout the year that considers internal and external factors which have and/or could have a substantive impact on the organisation’s value creation activities and interactions.

Defining the material themes

  • Strategic targets and KPIs
  • Board discussions and minutes
  • Engagement with senior executivest
  • Issues raised through stakeholder engagements
  • Company policies, values, ethics and codes of conduct
  • Risk management processes
  • Regulatory, economic, socio-political, environmental and global developments
  • Reporting frameworks and IFRS
  • GRI reporting
  • CDP’s Climate Change and Water disclosures
  • FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Index
  • United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

The strategic framework is replicated in all divisions and functions to ensure alignment across the group. Therefore there is some commonality in the material themes that form the report content, as well as variations unique to individual businesses based on specific industry, geographic, operational and general business factors. The material themes are unchanged from the previous year.